Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Looking For Somebody with Bobby Lindstrom at the Tonic Lounge

This here is shit nobody remembers but the fools, and Bobby Lindstrom is a guitar-playing fool. Looking For Somebody, off the very first Fleetwood Mac album,  by Peter Green. Actually the album is named Fleetwood Mac, but this tune is a guitar masterpiece, and totally Peter Green, with the delicate-to-ripping  progression of techniques. And our dear sweet Bobby Lindstrom does it, in my view, even better. This was the second song of the first set that night at the Tonic Lounge, there wasn't nobody there but me and the drummers dad and his girlfriend and the guy behind the PA from the house staff. 

That's the real shit, right there, when the guitar player digs deep and plays his heart out for nobody, just to play, and play heavy and play light and right when nobody knows. That's why Bobby is the undiscovered genius that he is. Its the heart, man, the heart.

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